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March for Giants is a virtual herd that travels online to raise awareness of the crisis facing elephants.

Every beautiful, customized digital elephant represents an elephant in the wild that desperately needs your help.

Our journey began in 2017 when thousands of digital elephants marched across billboards in major cities. The following year March for Giants returned, and the virtual herd trekked around the world before reaching the Space for Giants global conservation summit in Botswana. But despite our awareness-raising efforts, wildlife habitats continue to shrink and fragment. Elephants roam into unprotected areas, often across international borders, where the risk of human-wildlife conflict and poaching is severe.

Supported by anti-poaching security, Green Corridors connect key conservation areas and provide a lifeline for elephants. Your donation will help Space for Giants create much-needed Green Corridors and secure a future for elephants and the people who live alongside them.

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Green Corridors?

As wildlife habitats shrink, elephants wander into high risk unprotected areas where they are more likely to be killed. Green corridors are very large contiguous areas of natural habitat that hold large populations of mega-fauna, contain high biodiversity and allow natural ecosystem processes, such as wildlife migrations. They represent the last major refuges for terrestrial life on earth and provide priceless ecosystem services, including the provision of clean water, air and economic and social wellbeing of local people.


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Space for Giants is an international conservation charity that protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever. Your donation to the March for Giants campaign will help Space for Giants protect an elephant in the wild.

Space for Giants defends elephants by training and equipping rangers, strengthening legal protection, and preventing human-elephant conflict. It also works to preserve existing habitats, create new protected areas in partnership with local landowners, and develop initiatives such as Green Corridors.

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